• 2020-ongoing / Senior Geoscientist

    Prospect generation Egypt, Algeria, Lybia & North Sea. Farm-in opportunities evaluation

  • 2018-2019 / Senior Geoscientist / Project leader – NNS Management of 4 operated assets in Norway. Technical works (interpretation, SRC, prospects maturation,…), EC chairman & MC representative, budgets, operations, APA > 9 licenses award. Echino South, Isabella & Hamlet disc
  • 2013-2017 / Senior Geoscientist – Prospect generator – Project manager & Team leader Algeria Libya France Technical project leader of E&P activities in operated and non-operated licences. OCM, TCM. SRC expertise.

    7 successful appraisal deliveries & 3 exploration disc

  • 2009 – 2013 / Senior Geoscientist – Geosciences team and Project leader – Norway

    APA license rounds leader. Prospect generation, matura- tion and ranking. Farm-out team leader. Technical lead of operated exploration blocks in NCS area. Tendering.

    • Award of 8 licenses in NCS in short project deadlines, which led to the Cara and Snilehorn

    Multidisciplinary and multicultural teams management

  • 2007 – 2009 / Senior Geoscientist – Geosciences proj- ect leader – Egypt, Azerbaijan & US Gulf of Mexico

    • Egypt exploration opportunities technical lead. Well plan- ning, design and operations follow-up, Tendering, SRC.
    • Absheron discovery – Ashrafi field life extension
  • 2004 – 2007 / Senior Project Geophysicist Egypt
    • Operation geophysicist in Nile Delta operated block Acquisitions, Processing and Reservoir characterisation.
      • OBC technological gap break in Nile
      • WEB fields discoveries (WEB-1X and Papyrus-1).
  • 2001 – 2004 / Geoscientist, seismic interpreter – UK
    • Prospect generator, interpretation, processing, time to depth conversion, geostatistical uncertainties and risking.
    • Monroe & Schooner extension discoveries (SNS).

1999 – 2001 / Geoscientist, geomodeler – Cameroon Seismic & petrophysical interp., structural models, 3D geomodelisation, 3D marine acquisition campaign.

    • Ekundu field geomodelisation – Disongo Marine disc

1999 / Geologist CRAIE 700 project – France

    • Chalk diagenesis, anisotropy and velocities studies


► PhD degree in geosciences (risks and uncertainties optimization)
► Engineer Master degree of Sciences in geology
► Building techniques, Rock mechanics & Underground constructions


  • Unilasalle (2008-2023), 1 week of lessons/year, 5th year students of the Energies module. Course developing the themes of petroleum systems, and the geophysical tools used in exploration, assessment, development & CO2 sequestration.
  • Paris Saclay University, Orsay (2015-2018) – 1 week course – Introduction to exploration and training in Petrel software.
  • Engie Energy Ambassador (2016-2021) – Spot days in Ile de France – primary & elementary students – as an energy ambassador. Presentation of different types of energies with scientific experiments.
  • GrDF (2020-2023) – Consultant & speaker on the GrDF module “Understanding the 3rd gas revolution, journey to the heart of the gas world”.
  • AFG (2015-2018): 2-day course introduction to E&P (basic notions, context, processes &, evolutions…).


  • Geological engineer geophysicist with more than 20 years of experience focused on optimizing exploration, appraisal and pre-development projects.
  • Specialized in the analysis of risks and uncertainties related to prospect generation & maturation (Norway, USA, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, France, Germany, UK, Cameroon, Australia, Ivory Coast).
  • Since 15 year, I am giving geosciences domain related courses and formations to universities, geological schools and expert associa- Topics includes – but not limited to – the gas value chain, the E&P process, geosciences for renewables and focused courses on geophysics, geology & hydrogeology (TPA member).
  • Executive board member of AQUASSISTANCE. Hydrogeology, projects management, missions in water delivery and waste development aid

Courses & Talks

Language: French & English
Planned duration: 18-24h
Language: English or French
Planned duration: 18h to 24h 3 to 4 days including on-the-fly exercises, (+1 day optional) in case you wish to implement a final exercise (based on Petrel software or on Paper) on preliminary defined topic(s)