Courses, conferences & integrated weeks

Courses, Conferences & Integrated weeks

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The most requested format, ranging from half a day to a few days, adaptable according to the level and the number of hours desired


Specific format of a few hours, addressing the main principles of a topic.

Integrated Weeks

One-week immersive courses that integrate into the university curriculum with a certificate issued.

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Language: French, English
Planned duration: 4h
Language: French & English
Planned duration: 18-24h
Language: English
Planned duration: 15h
Language: English & French
Planned duration: 3h to 6h
Language: French/English
Planned duration: 15 hrs or 4’6hrs version
Language: French, English, Portuguese
Planned duration: 25-30 hours (5 days, being 5-6 hours a day
Language: French and English
Planned duration: 6h ( 2x3h)
Language: French and English
Planned duration: 3h