Day1-SET THE SCENE (4 hrs)

-Preliminary evaluation quiz
– Introduction & Course objectives
– Energy transition, context, challenges & Stakes
– Geoscience Activities map & Career opportunities
– Supporting the carbon capture storage, wind &
geothermal industries with geoscience.
– Basic G&G reminders


-The problematic of CO2
, emissions & carbon cycle
– CCuS general principles, process & stakes
– Types of CO2 geological storages
– CCS screening & evaluation methodology
– Key G&G tools & methods used in CCS
– The particular cases of gas storages & native hydrogen

Day3-EOLIAN / WIND FARMS (4 hrs)

– Wind energy basics, components & stakes
– Infrastructures & foundation design
– Life-cycle processes & geoscience integration
– Geohazards evaluation & interpretation
– G&G subsurface tools for offshore sites identification,investigation and characterization (geophysical surveys, geotechnical investigations, site monitoring anddecommissioning)

Day4-GEOTHERMAL  (4 hrs)

– General principles, classifications & scales
– Main technologies, usages, regulations & constraints
– Geothermal screening & evaluation methodology
– Subsurface tools & workflows (play fariways analyses,
2D & 3D seismic interpretation (structural, stratigraphic,fluid mapping & characterization), fault imaging, heat & fracture flows, thermal regimes, water recharge,reservoir characterization, drilling)

Day5SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS (2 to 8 hrs*)

–  Integrated Case Study Exercise (6h optional*)
– The geoscientist in 2023, 2030, 2050
– Final evaluation quiz


English or French

Audience type

University & School students in Geosciences wishing to understand the general concepts & geosciences tools usage in a new energy world with focus on Carbon capture, Gaz & native Hydrogen storages, Wind industry, Geothermal and Seabed minerals

Planned duration

18h to 24h 3 to 4 days including on-the-fly exercises, (+1 day optional) in case you wish to implement a final exercise (based on Petrel software or on Paper) on preliminary defined topic(s)

Support material

Key slides handouts booklet Reference publications Synthetized tools usage posters


Basic knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics.


Get a global understanding of the various subsurface applications and G&G tools coming from the E&P domain that participate to the energy transition.

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