HR and international: Strategies and actions to engage cultural diversity


This interactive course begins with the fundamentals: understanding diversity; self-knowledge and cognitive biases; How we understand the world and what we mean by culture as well as the main trends and the 9 dimensions in intercultural management. The second section is based on sharing experience on diversity strategies and management of a company established all over the world. As the commitment to cultural diversity (Internationalization and Feminization) needed a global tool (HRIS) an interesting systemic complexity emerges. The brief review of the evolution of Human Resources Management in a multicultural company (1990-2020) requires permanent adaptation, a sine qua non condition for diversity management. The course explores different areas of application of intercultural management in business: expatriation, training, recruitment, remuneration and international talent development. It also deals with the daily management of diversity: management of a virtual or semi-virtual team, leading remote intercultural meetings, new posture of the “manager-coach” and the performance review in a diverse environment. After a focus on HR and artificial intelligence used in diversity management, a case study is foreseen on the management of the impacts of religious facts in the professional environment. Finally, we go through the importance of a powerful internal communication to involve all stakeholders in the challenges of diversity management. The course ends up with some general recommendations for successful intercultural management.


French &; English

Audience type

MBA students; Human Resources bachelors; Future leaders

Planned duration

20h Integrated week, depending on the request can be summarized to 8 hours

Support material

Transmission of experience, exercises, videos, role playing, personalized advice


Nothing to be mentionned


Preparing the future managers by sharing HR practices and diversity management, through 30 years of experiences in an international company

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