Digital Transformation in the energy and industrial sector


  • We will cover principles such as :
  • Industrial Internet of Thing Big Data and its application in a refining site ;
  • simulation of industrial processes, the difference between black, gray and white box modelling ;
  • principles and examples of machine learning ; artificial intelligence ;
  • the cloud ; cyber security ; blockchain ; augmented and virtual reality ; applications of VR and AR in industry ; data visualization tools and data science applied in refining ; communication and management of digital transformation projects ; the agile method.
  • We will do a case sudy on the Data Driven strategy for an industrial project in the refining industry as well as tutorials on the implementation of machine learning for a concrete case.


French, English, Portuguese

Audience type

This course is intended for students of engineering schools.

Planned duration

2 days (8-10 hours)

Support material





Bring awareness to students about new technologies and exemplify concrete applications in the energy sector. Allow students to interact with the various stakeholders (business techniques and IT) in the world of today’s digital transformation.

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