The World of Energy in the Global Economy/Climate Change-Energy Transition/Investment Decision Process


Presentation of The World of Energy, present situation and perspectives with the technical & economical aspects. A zoom on the economic evaluation of industrial projects.

The agenda is scheduled for 5 half-days, with individual and group exercises. 3 items per days. The format can be flexible.

I) Energy Global Issues

I-1) Energy in the Global Economy

I-2) Climate Change Challenges

I-3) Impact of Geopolitical Events

I-4) Oil & Gas Industry Fundamentals

I-5) Renewables

I-6) Coal Industry

I-7) Nuclear Industry

II) Petroleum & Energy Economics

II-1) What do we mean by Project?

II-2) Oil Upstream Economics/Generalities

II-3) Capital Investment Decision/Which Economic Criteria?

II-4) The Impact of Taxation

II-5) Economic calculation – One example

II-6) Projects Costs Estimates and Projects Costs Monotoring

III) Competitiveness of Energy Sources

III-1) Economic cycles in the Industry

III-2) Energy Economics – LCOE

Annex 1: Equivalences & Conversion Factors

Annex 2: Reminder – Basics Thermodynamics




Audience type

Students Master level

Planned duration

20 hours

Support material

Power Point presentation – Exercises – Videos presentations


Basic knowledge of Energy Industry


To consolidate the knowledge of students in the domain of Energy Industry with the technical and economical aspects and to prepare them to better exercise their future responsibilities in the business life.

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