Supply chain management for petroleum products (refinig & marketing


The theoretical aspects of supply chain managementOil in primary energy
market : the fundamentals
Oil finished products :
characteristics & constraints

International trading of
crude and products and refining
Associated supply chain operation
and primary transport means.

Storage and distribution of
finished products (Logistics)
Integrated logistics management
concept and cost optimisation

Economic considerations ,
concept of benchmarking and
contractual agreements
between supply chain operators
Practical exercises to prepare
the business case

Business case study:
Design the architecture of supply
and distribution network in minimizing
the total cost and satisfying customers demand
Quiz: with certificates( if required )



Audience type

All levels students.Preferably university level and post bachelor with technicaland economic background

Planned duration

Lecture: variable 1 to 3 hSeminars : variable 1 to 5 days

Support material

Powerpoint slideson a USB key


Minimum knowledge in economic and petroleum products


To become familiar with the concept of supply, transport and storage management and techniquesin the oil sector

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