Social innovations and sustainable development: from common goods to social business


The approach concerns the definition of philanthropic projects and its positioning as a social commitment for a company: presentation of projects in France and around the world; how to put them in place? what strategy? feedback from different experiences. Philanthropic projects and their relationships with the Sustainable Development Goals, the engagement of employees of the company, are also discussed.Discovering other types of social projects led and operated by companies, such as social-business, is developed during the course.

“Social-business” is defined and a detailed example is presented on access to energy through individual and collective solar solutions


french english

Audience type

Universities, training courses specialized in Sustainable Development

Planned duration

2 to 3 hours; could be reduced to a one hour conference

Support material

PPT, two films




Better understand the engagement of companies towards the civil society : from common goods to social business

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