Reservoir Data Synthesis: Field Case


Day 1: Field Exploration & Appraisal

Regional Seismic & Geology
Prospect Identification
Discovery Well
Field Appraisal
Appraisal Wells
Data Acquisition Summary

Day 2: Reservoir Data Review

Field Data
Structure Geometry
Sedimentology & Reservoir layering
Wells’ Data
Log , Core & RFT Data
Well Testing
Fluid Data

Day 3: Reservoir Data Analysis

Field Data
Original volumes In Place
Well Test Analysis
Fluid Data Analysis
Field Behavior
Drive Mechanisms Analysis
Expected Recovery

Day 4: Development Studies

Field Production profile
Expected productions rates per year
Expected number of producers
Production profile per Well
Field Injection profile
Expected injection rates per year
Expected number of injectors
Field Development Plan Specifications

Day 5: Field Behavior

Field Development; Main Results
Fluid Monitoring
Well Monitoring
Reservoir Monitoring



Audience type

Graduates and post graduates petroleum , and reservoir engineering students, willing to deepen their knowledge in reservoir engineering and field development.

Planned duration

15 to 20 hours in 5 days

Support material

Slides, Videos, Exercises,


University or Engineering Degree in sciences. Basic knowledge of Reservoir Engineering.


To provide a comprehensive information to interpret, validate all data (rock and fluid properties, well testing , geological data ) and integrate them in a reservoir study. The students will establish a development scenario with the associated production profile and reserves. All data come from a real field case.

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