Purchasing Fundamentals / Purchasing Awareness


Based on the example of TOTAL Supply-Marketing :-Purchasing Stakes and Organisations : going from a simple procurement function to the creation of fully purchasing teams, hierarchical positioning to give them independence and recognition, optimisation between global and local Purchasing teams,
-Strategic impact and added value of the Purchasing function for the business : savings, risk avoidance (technical, commercial, financial, legal, SER…), competitive advantage, innovation brought by suppliers, sustainable development impacts, expected skills within the different Purchasing entities (HR view),

-The 4 steps of the Purchasing Process (in a quality approach “PDCA”)
– Anticipate (Plan) : definition of a purchasing strategy versus business strategy, needs and supplier markets analysis, management of the supplier panel, drawing up of the purchasing budget
– Do : specifications (functional specification and TCO (total cost of ownership) approach), criteria of choice, tendering process (included e-Sourcing), negotiation, supplier selection, contracting, savings calculation, placing the order
– Check : procurement control (included eProcurement), receipt, payment, contract follow-up/supplier audit, supplier performance review, key-suppliers management…
– Ameliorate (Act) : supplier progress plan, internal progress plan, updating the supplier panel and the purchasing strategy

-Worldwide transversal purchasing project management: international tenders, «category management» in a multi-sites context, balance between local, global or LCC (leading competitive countries) suppliers…



Audience type

Students interested by a Purchasing Awareness (Master / Bachelor degree – Commercial or Engineer)

Planned duration

module and length adaptable according to the audience and objectives – from – day to 4, even 6 – day

Support material

Slides and video projector presentations, photocopies. According to the length of the modules case studies, workshops on concrete examples





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