Geo-resources challenges of energy transitions


  • Let’s identify together the key drivers of changes in energy sources. What is the role of resources in energy transitions?
  • An approach to understand energy transitions integrating Geo-Resources
  • Analyse the energy “transitions” using a chronologic process leading to the concept of Energy Mix.
  • This course/conference aims to identify the key drivers of past and present energy transitions. It is especially designed to give attendees a global overview and a systematic review of the role of resources in the changes in energy sources.


English & French

Audience type

Graduate level

Planned duration

3h to 6h

Support material

PPT; Wooclap, rock samples; video; various interactions.




Review past energy transitions and identify key drivers for change. Focus on resource identification and uncertainties. Understand the “energy mix” concept. Discuss potential future energy alternatives and their resource constraints.

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