Dynamics of the Energy Sector


This course has been developed in the framework of the Al Reyada seminar 2024 organized by TotalEnergies Qatar for the benefit of engineers, industrials, civil servants, students.

Table of contents:

1) The World of Energy

2) Climate Change & New Dynamics

3) Decline of Fossils, Boost of Renewables

4) A new momentum for Energy Companies

5) A bright future for Electricity

6) The Electricity & Gas Markets

7) The volatility of Energy Markets

8) Mobility, Electricity, Hydrogen

9) A new challenge: Access to Minerals

10) Emissions Regulations & Economics




Audience type

Students Master level, engineers, state agents, civil servants

Planned duration

15 hours

Support material

Power Point presentation. Collective exercise using Wooclap, Electricity map, En-Roads. Final assessment exercise with open questions.


A good basis of the Energy sector and Energy Economics


To transfer a good knowledge of the world of energy and its challenges for the future. To enable the participants to get a good understanding of the overall subject and to build-up their own opinion on the various scenarios for Energy Transition

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