1. Climate Change ; a huge Challenge.
    Description of Greenhouse Gas Effect , its impact on temperature and levers to reduce CO2 emissions.
  2. The World of Energy ; present situation and scenarios for the future.
    Presentation of different scenarios to cope with United Nations objectives ; impact on Energy mix.
  3. Renewables ; General features.
    Presentation of the different sources of renewables energies.
    Challenges on intermittency.
  4. Detail review of Main Renewable Energy Sources.
    Hydro, Wind, Solar, Biomass, Biogas, Geothermal, Marine
  5. Economics for Energy.
    Subsidies, Carbon Tax …
  6. How to assess and compare cost of Energy.
    Levelized Cost of Electricity for different sources of Energy; methodology, calculation and benchmark.
  7. Mobility;
    Evolution of motorizations and Energy Mix.
    Life cycle analysis for different types of motorization and source of Energy.
  8. Specific Focus on Biofuels, H2 and E-Fuels.
    Update on Carbon Capture and Sequestration.
  9. Policies and advocacy;
    Update on Paris agreement and national commitments.
    Greendeal for Europe.
    Private sector initiatives.
  10. Final Assesment.
    Actual case study where students will describe their own proposals to cope with climate objectives.


French, English, Italian and German

Audience type

Bachelor’s or Master’s Students (Scientific or Economic)

Planned duration

15h 5 days including examination.

Support material

Pdf of the course. Videos on specific items. Results from interactive tools (i.e.Wooclap,..)


Scientific or Economic background


It gives students a way to understand: +major issues concerning greenhouse gases and impact on climate change +scenarios and action plans recommended by international institutions to decrease CO2 emissions +a precise description of each sustainable energy and their challenges +methodology to assess costs for electricity production +new energies for mobility and their Life Cycle Analysis +update on position and challenges after Paris Agreement.

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