I began my career in the process Department at Elf E&P in 1992. In 1994, I

joined Elf Exploration Angola as methods engineer for production on Block 3.

Then in 1996 the process department of ELF E&P, specifically on the water

treatment subject. In 1998 I joined Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited in the

production department as operations coordinator.

Since 2001 working at TOTAL’s scientific center (CSTJF in Pau) in the flow

assurance production chemistry department, specialist in water treatment.


Graduated (1991) from the Ecole des Mines Engineering School in Saint-Etienne


ENSPM / IFP School : Teacher for theWater treatment in production course ,

formation DEG (développement et exploitation des gisements) since 2008

ENSPM FI / IFP training (Pau and Rueil Teacher for the Water treatment in

production course from 2005 to 2015


As Water Treatment specialist, I provides operational assistance to operating

site; assistance to the development projects for all matters related to water

treatment (produced water, surface or utility waters). I am also in charge of

water treatment activities for research and development (for high technical

readiness level technology, typically technology in pilot phase).

Courses & Talks

Language: English
Planned duration: Adjustable to the demand from 1 hour to 3 days