1991-1999 Reservoir engineering studies assignment in Congo as Reservoir Manager Tchibouela
Marine Field.
2000-2002 Productivity Studies for wells and field developments
2003-2011 Assignments in Scotland, Syria and Congo in the Well Performance Teams. Last
Position Head of Well Performance
2012-2021 Leader of a Well Performance Group in Pau, later in charge of Well Performance
Methods, Training and focal point of Petroleum Experts Software (PROSPER, MBAL, GAP, etc)


Mining Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. TU Clausthal, Germany)
Master of Engineering


IFP Training 2001-2004: course productivity of horizontaux and complex wells
IFP Training 2010 à 2015: Integrated Reservoir Management module inflow/outflow performance (5
Internal Training 2012-2021 (4790 Fundamentals of Well Performance, 8289 Well Performance
Advanced Diagnostics, and outside the training catalogue « PROSPER best practices ».


Practical experience in drilling (worked during the studies as roughneck)
Reservoir engineering studies and field simulations, Field follow-up, logging and pressure build-up interpretation.
Well Productivity studies; Inflow Performance Improvement (choice of well type, near wellbore studies)
Outflow Performance studies: Tubing design and artificial lift selection.
Field production optimization, using full field simulator GAP. Automatization of well performance
studies and field monitoring by programming macros (openserver). Software development with
Petroleum Experts. Internal and external Auditor for Well Performance organisations and studies.
Trainer and mentor for Well Performance (organisation of 2 sessions of Well Performance academy
p.a., training in the affiliates (presential and remotely.

Courses & Talks