Most frequently asked questions and their answers

Who to contact and how to leave a contact message?

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or send your request to:TPA@gmail.com, we will process your request as soon as possible.

Are the classes free?

TotalEnergies Professeurs Associés is a 1901 law association. Our professors are either active or retired from the company TotalEnergies, they volunteer. Interventions are therefore free.

Are teachers available all the time or are there dedicated periods of the year?

Our teachers are active or retired from the TotalEnergies company. They do not have specific dedicated periods, but the professor designated for the course will organize directly with the university or school on specific dates and the organization of the course.

How long in advance should TPA's courses be booked?

The ideal time to schedule an intervention is two months notice in order to have time to find the right teacher and ensure his availability. Urgent requests can be processed without guarantee.

How and with whom to agree on an agenda and course dates once these have been identified?

Once the contact has been made and the course chosen, the professor designated for the course will contact the university directly for the precise dates and organization of the course.

What are the obligations of the school or university in terms of confidentiality?

The teacher delivering the course knows the confidentiality of the data he presents and will decide to either distribute or not the course and documents.

Can courses/conferences be given to entities other than schools/universities?

The courses given by TPA professors are dedicated to students from universities or schools.TPA does not offer courses for private companies or organizations.

Are they all face to face courses or do you offer distance learning courses ?

Face-to-face courses and conferences are highly prefered, howewer some courses can be adapted in distance learning depending on the professor.

Are courses delivered worldwide or only in France ?

Courses and conferences can be delivered both in France and internationally. Most of our courses can also be taught in English and other languages depending on the teacher. Information on languages is available in the course summary sheet in the TPA catalogue.  An agreement with the local TotalEnergies affiliate will be necessary, should the course be given abroad. The affiliate will then take care of professor’s logistic.

What is the minimum level of education required to access these courses?

It depends on the course, some courses do not require any prerequisites, others define a minimum level of education. However, each course can be adjusted to the level of education, but to ensure the success of the training, classes must be homogeneous in terms of education level.
This information is available in the course summary sheet of the TPA catalogue.

What infrastructure should the school or university provide for the welcoming of teachers?

The university or school must ensure that the course runs smoothly in terms of welcoming, organization, logistics and the necessary resources. The common practice is to provide TPA teachers with a PC or MAC compatible retro projection system with HDMI plug, a compatible system for streaming videos and audio, microphones. Contact within the institution on the days of the course. Technical assistance for the commissioning of the equipment or in case of problem. Internet access as many courses required.

Are there courses organized directly on site (geology or refinery for example)?

There are no on-site or field courses (geology).