Fractured Reservoirs


Day 1 :Key Concepts
What is a fractured reservoir?
Static Reservoir Characterization
Static Reservoir Classification
Dynamic Reservoir Behavior
Fractured reservoir specificities
Fractured Reservoir management

Day 2 :Data Review
Static Data
Well Data
Fracture Network
Dynamic Data
Well Drilling, , Logging & Testing
Production Data
Summary & Conclusions

Day 3: Well Testing
Dual Porosity Behavior
Flow Equations
Pressure Draw Down & Pressure Build Up
Well Test Analysis
Pressure Derivative
Log Log Analysis
Similar Behaviors
Summary & Conclusions

Day 4: Drive Mechanisms
One Phase Systems
Depletion Drive
Dual Dynamic Behavior
Multi Phase Systems
Capillary & Gravity Effects
Water Oil Systems
Water Oil Drive
Water Injection Specificities

Day 5: Drive Mechanisms
Gas Oil Systems
Gas Oil Drive
Gas Injection Specificities
Gas water Systems
Gas Oil Drive




Audience type

Graduates and post-graduates petroleum and reservoir Engineering students.

Planned duration

15 hours in 5 days.

Support material

Slides, Videos, Exercises, Quizzes


University or Engineering Degree in sciences. Basic knowledge of Reservoir Engineering


To strengthen and consolidate the reservoir engineering knowledge. To better understand specificities of fractured reservoir.

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