Risks Management in the Oil & Gas Industry (and beyond)


  • Risks Management Overview, with a focus on the critical importance of managing risks in the Oil & Gas Industry

+ Workshop 1 “Identifying the different types of risks and the approach required to manage them”, using a comprehensive real-life example.

Note: Risks to Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and to Company Assets / Performance / Reputation / Liabilities will be defined at this stage. 

  • Risks Identification and Assessment, with a focus on the most appropriate Management Processes and Tools

+ Workshop 2 “Efficient use of the Risk Matrix and the Bow-Tie diagram”, based on practical situations

  • Management of Major Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry, with a focus on Projects Development and Operations related risks

+ Workshop 3 “Case Study on managing 4 typical types of major Oil & Gas Risks”, using real scenarios

  • Risks Monitoring and Reporting, with a focus on continuous improvement in risks management

+ Workshop 4 “Critical importance of Management Leadership and Commitment”, with role-play situations

  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management, with a focus on how best to manage uncertainty

+ Workshop 5 “Developing and maintaining relations of trust with the key Stakeholders”, using an actual example

  • Corporate Risks Specificities, with a focus on managing Business Risks and Compliance

+ Workshop 6 “How to act when faced with potential non-compliance risks”, using credible situations

  • Course Application to Renewable Energies, highlighting commonalities as well as specific aspects of risks management in the Renewable Energies Industry (focusing on the example of Offshore Wind Farms)

+ Workshop 7 “How to Manage the Environmental Impact”, applied to a recent Offshore Wind Development project

  • Risks Management Course Take-Aways, with a focus on how the students should benefit from this course in their future jobs and careers


Français et Anglais

Public visé

Master or PHD level

Durée prévisionnelle

21h mais ajustable en fonction du besoin

Moyens Pédagogiques

PDF, various industrial example (videos, Oil & Gas Industry news…), small group workshops




Better prepare students for their future career in Management or Technical Expertise positions

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