Criticality of Mineral Resources


In view of the strong development of Energy Transition, the future needs for new energy sectors (Solar, Wind, Electrical Networks extension, Electric Vehicles, etc) will be dramatically expanded. This raise the problem of future access  to Mineral Resources & Rare Earths Elements worldwide.
This course/conference covers all the aspects of this issue:

– History of Mineral Materials Production

– Definition of scarcity

– Different uses in different sectors

– Reserves, resources, geological risk,

– Geopolitical risk – Herfindahl – Hirschman Index

– Review of the situation for selected Mineral Materials and Rare Earth Elements

– The importance of recycling


English & French

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Master level

Durée prévisionnelle


Moyens Pédagogiques

Power point presentation


A good knowledge of Energy Transition issue


To get a good understanding of the problem, promote consciousness on the issue and think about potentiel solutions.


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