Crisis management and crisis communication


Understanding today’s world : how do media work- What is communication ?
– Medias laws of proximity
What are medias expectations
Different audiences expect different messages
From accidents to crisis
Differences between emergency and crisis
Examples of crisis
Group workshop : analyze a past crisis
Crisis management process and phases
Can we prevent crisis ?
Crisis communications : tools and procedures
Stages of media communications
Holding statement, press release, Q&A, fast facts
Group workshop : prepare a statement and write a press
Basics of crisis management
Perform a risk analysis
Identify your organization’s gaps
Crisis plan and procedure
Crisis rooms and crisis team
Trainings, exercises and drills
Lessons learned from past crisis
Group exercise
Situation briefing
Team work : solve a crisis situation
Group debrief
Lessons learned
Control is done through the final group exercise.



Public visé

Students at Master level.

Durée prévisionnelle

5 days

Moyens Pédagogiques

Summary of the course and key slides





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