Societal responsability and economic performance


Day 1 : General PresentationHistory of the Sustainable Development (SD), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a contribution from the enterprises to the SD of the planet,
Governance, ethics, compliance and CSR,
External and Internal Stakeholders (student brainstorming), industry examples

Day 2 : The Risks
Risks for the planet/megatrends (after an initial thinking of the students/trainees on environmental , social, geopolitical risks…)
Impacts of these planetary risks on the enterprises and adaptation/management (incl ethics, license to operate …)
Risks Mapping and actors of the risk management inside the Enterprise
Materiality analysis (Stakeholders expectations)

Day 3 : The Opportunities
The opportunities linked to the megatrends, illustrated by many examples
Student/trainees brainstorming and then presentation on the Business Models evolution , on Shared Value, the Digital impact, the collaborative, circular, frugal, share economical models and opportunities…
Eco-innovation, eco-conception, life cycle analysis, open innovation,.. implication of the Enterprise Functions

Day 4 : The Economic Performance and CSR
CSR : a management tool, the relevance of a CSR Strategy (with examples linked to different activity sectors)
Value creation
Performance monitoring (interactive part with the students on environmental, safety, social KPIs)
Immaterial Value

Part 5 : CSR Communication
Regulatory and voluntary Communication,
Integrated Reporting ,
Rating Agencies, Answering to the Stakeholders,
the greenwashing trap (credibility and transparency)

Interactive conclusion of the seminar,

(Possible personal thinking of each student on his/her situation depending on the time available, id es the total duration of the sessions)



Audience type

1) Bachelor Students or Master of Science or of Business/Management, Schools of Engineers or Management 2) Engineers in the Industry sector or in services close to the Industry

Planned duration

5 days (30 hours including the brainstorming and interactive parts with the students) which can be reduced to 5 half days (20 hours incl. shorter brainstorming and interactive parts with the students)

Support material

Slides to be presented from a lab tap. Need a video-projector on site. Preliminary questions can be sent by mail to the students with answers required to be sent back to the professor before the 1st session. The slides will be available after the seminar


No specific prerequisite (except for the language to be used during the 5 days). See “Who should attend” for the type of background.


Understand all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Be able to implement or develop CSR policy, actions, communication and thus to contribute to improve the economic performance of the Enterprise. The concepts will be highlighted by many examples, incl from the Professor experience.

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