Oil Downstream Business Overview: – The basics of Refining- Worldwide trade of oil finished products
– The Supply Chain (from the refinery to the final customer)
– Main Distribution Channels and their characteristics

Knowledge of the oil finished products and services:
– The weight/volume conversions and the density
– Security issues linked to oil product (Flash Point)
– The use of the products: the difference between Motor Fuels / Heating Fuels / Other products)
– Administrative and industry standards
– Services for the B to B Markets

Multiple uses of oil products by a B to B Customer. Examples of an airport:
– Use for Heating/Cooling purposes
– Use for Food preparation
– Light and heavy-duty vehicles fuels
– Aviation fuels
– Bitumen on the apron
Through the example analysis of the products, uses, the customers and the competitors form the technical and economical point of view.
Other applications (not covered by the example)
– Industry Process and Power Generation
– Vessels

A very special product: Lubricants:
– How are them produced
– The function of a lubricant
– The markets for lubricants

Wrap-up and synthesis:
– Analysis of a “business case” concerning a B to B customer (bus transport)
– Identification of the energy needs, the products and services


The fundamentals of a B to B sales interview. Theory and practice on the base of the information of the business case
– The sales cycle overview
– Making Contact and Discovering the needs
– Convincing / Dealing with objections



Audience type

Master degree students in the fields of Economics, Business (Marketing & Sales) or other studies connected to the use of energy Groups of 10/15 participants

Planned duration

4 half Days (3h30 per Day) Possibility of adding an additional Half Day to deal with the fundamentals of the B to B Sales Techniques

Support material

Selection of relevant slides




Understand the business of the Oil Downstream: from the refinery to the customer, with a focus on the B to B market Have an overview on the structure of this industry, its products, services, customers, challenges and competition

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