How an Oil Company contributes to the Sustainable Development ?


– The oil industry and sustainable development- The industry’s commitments- GRI, ISO 14 and SA 8 norms
– The environmental, social and societal indicators
– Oil companies and greenhouse gases
– CSR rating agencies, FTSE4Good, DJSI
– The impact on investment funds and the stock market.
– The outlook for the next 3 years
– Sustainable development (SD) programmes in intergovernmental organisations.
– UN – Stockholm (1972), Rio (1992) and Johannesburg (22) summits.
– EU – Brussels, the committee on the environment and the committee on social affairs.
– France – the ministry of ecology and SD, ADEME (France’s environment and energy m- Traded companies in France and around the world, and their contribution to SD.
– Environmental and social commitments on the part of corporate CEOs.
– Codes, charters and programme implementation in headquarters and subsidiaries.
– Performance indicators
– Annual reports on SD
– SD rating agencies and SD in the Stock exchange
– Climate change, global warming, and 1997 Kyoto protocol ratification.
– The emission permit market and the case of France.
– The ozone layer
The oil industry’s contribution.
The part of private companies and the part of national companies.
SD at Total:
– the global issues, the social issues and the cost.
– the environment, curbing pollution, energy tomorrow, safety, human resources, ethics and local development.
– Total’s organisation, its structures, management processes, training and reporting


french english

Audience type

Business school, engineering school and university students.

Planned duration

1 sessions, 9 minutes each

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